Code of Practice

The Institute of Faith Education is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. We provide Christian faith education and formation within the context of the Catholic tradition. Our courses and events are designed to resource learners for their own personal growth and to work effectively in the various agencies of the Catholic Church in Queensland and beyond. We value being responsive to the needs of learners and to the agencies who use our courses to train their staff.

We offer nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training courses (RTO provider code: 31402) and courses which are not nationally accredited but are recognised by particular agencies as relevant formation. Our policies and procedures are designed to meet the needs of learners. Some policies are specific to particular learner groups (such as high school students) or particular courses (such as nationally accredited courses). For this reason we provide a tailored handbook for each course that provides specific information relevant to the course. If you are considering enrolling in one of our courses, or are currently enrolled in a course but have misplaced your course handbook, please contact us for a copy of the relevant handbook.

Your rights as a learner and consumer are important to us. Our policies and management strategies are designed to ensure high professional standards in our courses, services, marketing, financial and administrative practices.  We will ensure marketing of our courses and services is ethical and accurate. We will advise prospective learners of fees and charges prior to enrolment. We have a refund policy that is fair and equitable and available to learners prior to enrolment.  We will maintain systems to ensure academic, financial and learner records are maintained confidentially. We have systems in place that safeguard the rights of learners and ensure that, if we cannot fulfil our obligations, learners will be offered an alternative course option or a refund. Our commitment in these areas underpins our policies and procedures which are set out in the handbook for each course.

If you are a current participant in one of our courses, please check the handbook for the complaints and appeals procedure to use in your specific context. Contact the IFE to receive a copy of the handbook or download this from our elearning site.

For a formal complaint or appeal, please download the form here: 

If you are not currently enrolled with the IFE and would like to lodge a complaint or appeal, you may access the relevant policy here: