Mark Lavelle

Senior Education Officer


Brisbane, Mackay, Townsville, Mt Isa


Foundations is designed to provide relevant formation for those working in the Catholic Church or in a Catholic Education setting. It meets the study requirements for accreditation to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school. The course is endorsed by Brisbane Catholic Education. Accreditation requirements include four semester units of study in a formal qualification from any one or more of: Religion Studies, Christian Leadership, Theology, Scripture, Religious Education, Liturgy and Spirituality. This course provides four semester units of study that meet these requirements for accreditation to teach religion in a Catholic school. Learners may choose to complete the course in one or two years. This course is taught in four units:
Theology and Catholic Identity
  Themes: Catholic Story and Tradition / Religious Education Curriculum / Identity and Culture / Catholic Community / Faith / Ethos and Charism / Pedagogical Practice
Scripture: The World of the Bible
  Themes: Sacred Texts (Old and New Testament) / Biblical Interpretation / Historical and Cultural Contexts / Jesus and the world of the New Testament / Letters of Paul
Spirituality: Church, Liturgy & Sacraments
  Themes: Church authority / Celebration of Liturgy and Sacraments / Eucharist / Community / Church History / Ritual, Symbol and Ceremony / Prayer / Church in Australia /  Catholic Fundamentals / Ecumenical Awareness
Ethics and Catholic Social Teaching
Themes: Human Existence / Ethics and Morality / Catholic Social Teaching / Social Action and Justice
Each unit involves 12 weeks of structured learning that integrate private study with online  or face-to-face workshops. Competencies are assessed through projects, presentations, written assessments and learning journals. Workshop attendance is a mandatory requirement of this course. Learners will not normally be able to complete the requirement of a unit without attending all of the workshops associated with that unit. Upon completion of Foundations learners will be well resourced to teach Religious Education with confidence in a contemporary Catholic context. The Foundations course offers a nationally accredited qualification – Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology (10743NAT).
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