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Foundations is designed to provide relevant formation for those working in the Catholic Church or in a Catholic Education setting. It meets the study requirements for accreditation to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school. The course is endorsed by Brisbane Catholic Education. Accreditation requirements include four semester units of study in a formal qualification from any one or more of: Religion Studies, Christian Leadership, Theology, Scripture, Religious Education, Liturgy and Spirituality. This course provides four semester units of study that meet these study requirements for accreditation to teach religion in a Catholic school. This course is taught in four units:

Unit 1: Theology and Catholic Identity

Unit 2: Scripture: The World of the Bible

Unit 3: Spirituality: Church, Ritual, Liturgy & Sacraments

Unit 4: Belief, Ethics and Catholic Social Teaching

  Each unit involves 12 weeks of structured learning that integrate private study with online  or face-to-face workshops. Competencies are assessed through projects, presentations, written assessments and learning journals. Workshop attendance is a mandatory requirement of this course. Learners will not normally be able to complete the requirement of a unit without attending all of the workshops associated with that unit. Upon completion of Foundations learners will be well resourced to teach Religious Education with confidence in a contemporary Catholic context. The Foundations course offers a nationally accredited qualification: 10743NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology. Completion of the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology (10743NAT) requires completion of the following ten competencies to obtain the qualification.
    • CMTTHE501                Analyse and interpret Christian Scripture and Theology
    • CMTTHE502                Utilise the analysis of theological data
    • CMTTHE503                Research and analyse information within a theological theme or issue
    • CMTTHE504                Analyse and apply new theological insights
    • CMTMIN501                Facilitate personal or social change through the application of theological ideas
    • CMTMIN502                Present theological beliefs and their implications
    • BSBPEF302                   Develop self-awareness
    • CHCEDS040                  Search and access online information
    • SIRXHWB001               Maintain personal health and wellbeing
    • BSBCRT412                   Articulate, present and debate ideas

What previous participants have said about this course:

“I loved being able to go back over the zoom-workshop content to glean pieces I may have missed. I also loved being able to download/print off the material needed allowing me to highlight certain sections. The support from workshop facilitators, assessors, IFE staff was fast and efficient and really supportive and encouraging. I have loved my experience with IFE, you can tell it is a well-oiled machine with everyone working in unison to bring about the best possible learning outcomes.” (Participant feedback received 25/2/2021) “The content was very interesting and there were always practical aspects that could be implemented at a school level” (Participant feedback received 10/2/2021) “I found the course really made me consider what and who I am, and how this is reflected in my teaching. It was wonderful!” (Participant feedback received 15/1/2021) “The workbooks and course resources were fantastic. Also, all of the facilitators encouraged questions, and ensured the person/people understood before moving on. They provided a very welcoming environment.” (Participant feedback received 15/1/2021) “The most useful learning in this course for me was learning about teaching in a modern Catholic context – how to balance modern societal norms/ beliefs with tradition.” (Participant feedback received 8/1/2021) “All of it was useful! However, the setting of the context that the Christian Bible sits within has been particularly interesting.” (Participant feedback received 13/12/2020) “The webinar structure was amazing!! Being able to be at home and actually take a lunch break, with no travel time, was excellent!” (Participant feedback received 2/11/2020) “There was so much useful learning. It was such a rich learning experience across the entire course. If I had to choose one thing that was the most useful learning for me then it would be how to analyse and look at scripture in the three worlds of the text. The structured and easy to follow activity response tasks where also very helpful.” (Participant feedback received 13/7/2020) “I found the diversity of experience of instructors helpful. It helped deepen my understanding of my faith.” (Participant feedback received 2/5/2020)

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