This course is intended to provide participants with the following knowledge and skills to deepen their understanding of Christian theology and to perform limited functions associated with serving in a Christian church group or ministry context:

  • Knowledge of theological sources
  • Understanding of theological information
  • Understanding of Christian practice
  • Skills to identify theological insights
  • Ability to communicate theology effectively.

Core units of competency for this qualification:

Unit Code Unit of Competency
 CMTTHE301A  Identify how Christian Scripture, life and practice are understood today
 CMTTHE302A  Identify theological data
 CMTTHE303A  Identify a range of information within a theological theme or issue
 CMTTHE304A  Identify new theological insights
 CMTMIN301A  Identify theological knowledge in relation to the Christian way of life
 CMTMIN302A  Communicate theology in everyday language